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Welcome Letter

Please read this document before the others.

Rules and Regulations for all Vendors

This is our Markets' current rules and regulations. This applies to all vendors so please read carefully.

Vendor Agreement

Tent Anchor/ Weight Information

Starting with the 2015 season all vendors that use canopies and tents for their booth space will be required to have 40 pound tent weights on each corner of their canopy/ tent. The back of the canopy/ tent may be attached to the vendors vehicle in some cases.

The Market operates for 14 Saturdays beginning in July and ending in October. Market hours are 8 AM to 1 PM, Saturdays only. Vendors are expected to remain on-site for the entire 5 hour market day.

The booth fee is $10 for space for a 10 foot space. There are discounts for those who pay for the entire season. In addition the Market collects a 3% commission on total sales to support the Market’s operation. Electricity is available for $5 per day.

The Market acquires annual City, County and State Sales Tax Licenses and is required to collect appropriate taxes based on the vendor’s total sales for the day unless the vendor has obtained their own sales tax licenses and pays their own taxes. The Market pays all taxes collected to the appropriate authorities each month.

During the market day the Site-Manager will collect the booth fee.

Fees Summary: For Producer
Booth fee $10.00
Commission 3%
City Tax 2%
County Tax 2%
State Tax
(for crafted items and ready to eat foods)
Example $250.00 Sales
Booth fee $4.00
Commission $7.50
City Tax $5.00
County Tax $5.00
State Tax $7.25
Total Collected $28.75

Complete rules, regulations and a registration form are contained in the Rules and Regulations documents.

For additional information please call the Alamosa Farmers' Market at 719-480-4365.